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Protection masks kn95 ffp2

Protection mask  KN95

Filtering capacity> 95%

What are the KN95, N95, FFP2 masks?

Normally identical mask standards:

  • FFP2 (CE standard) 94% filtration
  • N95 (US FDA standard) 95% filtration
  • KN95 (CN standard) 95% filtration

The acronym FFP stands for Filtering Facepiece Particles.

Indicates particulate masks capable of filtering the dust contained in the air, as well as fumes, aerosols and infectious agents such as influenza viruses (avian flu, SARS, coronavirus, etc.).

Respiratory protection masks KN, N and FFP are therefore essential accessories in the fight against the spread of viruses. These accessories meet rigorous standards to ensure everyone’s safety.

The EN149 standard defines in particular the ability to filter mask particles. The masks are therefore classified in order of increasing efficiency:

FFP1: 80% of the particles are filtered
FFP2: 94% of the particles are filtered
N95 and KN95: 95% of the particles are filtered
FFP3: 98% of the particles are filtered


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